illness and crisis: what is the reason for my suffering?

There is nothing more powerful than the feeling of confidence and pride that I have gained, when I chose to keep trudging onward. When I opt to face life’s fantastically, puzzling questions head-on and push myself forward, I pat myself on the back. My past successes and failures have helped me process my awareness, which … Continue reading illness and crisis: what is the reason for my suffering?

my vegan journey

The superfoods that I use to keep me feeling happy and that ease my stress are another bonus on my vegan journey that began July 31st of this year. Anxiety... stress... depression... These pile-ups of negative emotion can create genuine problems for me any given day if I am not proactive with taking care of myself. … Continue reading my vegan journey

health & wellness reports

August 8, 2017 click on links 6 Bedroom Plants That Help You Sleep Better 10 Liver-Friendly Foods For Natural Cleansing Why You Should Start Eating 15 Almonds Daily to Prevent Top Diseases and Health Issues 7 Foods That Can Boost Memory The Anti-Inflammatory Dessert You'll Want To Eat All Summer Long 13 Salad-Free Ways To … Continue reading health & wellness reports