my vegan journey

The superfoods that I use to keep me feeling happy and that ease my stress are another bonus on my vegan journey that began July 31st of this year. Anxiety… stress… depression… These pile-ups of negative emotion can create genuine problems for me any given day if I am not proactive with taking care of myself.

Worse than just feeling sluggish, while dragging myself through my day, I got to a point where I was just not enjoying the majority of my life. Battling being overweight, other chronic health issues and eating my feelings led me to make a decision to invest in myself by purchasing a particular juicer that I’ve wanted for awhile now. After my first day of creating 3 juice recipes and swallowing their delicious raw goodness, I had a thought to try to go 100% raw vegan for one week to detox my body. So I did….and except for three evenings of slurping hot potato-leek soup, I went raw and I enjoyed it very much!

I have continued to pump myself full of raw, multicolored veggies and superfoods vs. toxins, sugars, and ANY processed foods! It has been a little over one month now and I definitely have more energy, better sleep, less late-night, food, cravings and I am bursting with ideas and creativity!

Superfoods have the unique power to deliver a more intense blast of nutrition than normal foods. And they are without a doubt helping me to achieve some amazing results! Every morning I drink a cup of warm water with the juice of one fresh organic lemon to detox my liver and kidneys and give me a vitamin C boost. Directly after that, I enjoy pinches of cinnamon, tumeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and ginger in my french pressed, fresh, black coffee with a little bit of virgin coconut oil and maple syrup – all organic of coarse. I’ve been enjoying an ice-cold, frothy recipe made with matcha green tea and mint and it’s been helping to clear my mind and cool my body during the weekends. Some other superfoods have a mood-elevating effect. For example, in the evenings I mix blueberry and pomegranate tea with lavender and camomile tea to help ease my stressful thoughts before bedtime. Another one of my favorite superfoods has to be Ashwagandha. Clinical studies have shown that this amazing herb can reduce your stress chemical (cortisol) levels by more than 25%, regulate the proper hormone balance to support normal energy levels, superior vitality, and a balanced mood.

I keep thinking of all the new and delicious foods there are to try rather than thinking about the foods I’m giving up. From 100% homemade, organic, raw, corn spicy salsa to endless raw juice recipes to hummus in all vegan varieties to crisp raw fruits and veggies fresh from the garden – my mind and soul is aroused everyday trying out these nutritious and vivacious recipes – so many options there really are! Some of my favourite foods are vegan to begin with and there’s loads of international dishes that are going to take my vegan creativity to the next level.

I am more excited each day to share my knowledge to help people discover mouth-watering, plant-based foods so people can experiment with plant-based recipes and see if it works for them. In my “health and wellness reports” section of organic food actually, I share incredible videos, articles and mouth-watering recipes and more to help you to live the life of your dreams.

For me now, at 54-years-wanna-be-young, this vegan journey is my first step in achieving a healthier diet benefiting from plant-based foods and superfoods preparing 100% organic, nongmo, vegan meals that will keep me strong and healthy. I still have dreams to travel and meet different people from faraway cultures. Periodically, I will be sharing my ups and downs since making this bold decision. I am already connecting with like-minded people and I am happy to be having a small, positive, ripple effect on the people closest to me.

I am grateful that I am making time for these little moments regularly and once again I appreciate that our creator has achieved another masterpiece. The predominant color of yellow will soon close out this stark but beautiful night in my backyard.

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