personal growth

When I talk to people older than me about their memories and life experiences, most of them tell me that some of their most beautiful and meaningful moments occurred when they stepped outside of their comfort zone. One way to do that is to travel and live abroad.

As a busy single mom of three children, I slipped into monotony and routine for far too long. I have dreamt about traveling outside of my country, but I have failed to realize that dream, yet… However, I am planning and saving money now to start that journey. I’m so proud of my children and so happy that my dream of being a mom came true. So, now it’s time to put my wants and needs first, because my three children are adults now living their lives and making their dreams come true.

I need to put my body and mind in a foreign environment far away from my hometown, family, and friends. I know that being exposed to different languages, sights, foods, smells, people, and an entirely new culture will be an exhilarating experience. This positive opportunity will be another mechanism  to learn more about myself. Traveling and discovering a new place will give me the right set of circumstances to think on my feet and adapt, and then emerge as a global citizen.

One of the best things about traveling and is meeting new people and fostering friendships with others. Meeting people who have different perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences has always been a transformative experience for me. When I get to travel or live abroad, I know I will do fun and unique things that I cannot do in my home country. I am always dreaming of exploring a new culture by discovering its music, trying new foods and learning about its history and traditions first hand. I want to expand my circle of friends to include people from all over this incredibly beautiful planet.


*Red Sun, Maxime Maufra,



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