food matters

I loved my very first job. It was thrilling getting my first paycheck at the end of the week, plus I learned so much from a mother and her son, who owned and operated Mother Natures. It was a health-food shop located in a small New England village called Rye, New York. The city’s idyllic locale includes a two-mile stretch of seashore along the Long Island Sound. Long walks happened pretty regularly. The population is still only a little over 12,000 and it has preserved its old-fashioned attitudes’. Season after season, year after year my surroundings evolved from single person to single mom and “think outside the pill’’ has emerged.

Too many medicines dispensed from the endless pharmacies have very harsh side effects. Some much worse than the symptom it was intended to treat. Others don’t work at all, even though they had big price tags. When you pay a ton of cash for something you expect it to work — at least I do. This doesn’t make me anti-drug. I am just sharing my thoughts I’m having on my journey…

I am keenly aware many medications have tremendous value. I credit some with saving lives — saved the life of my daughter, son-in-law and niece and, I have enormous gratitude. However, before pharmaceuticals were patented, we had plants growing all over the planet that could help us with every ailment. We have simply forgotten about the healing power of these plants, their roots, leaves, flowers, stems and seeds.

Exploring health, food, and general wellness is my passion because I have family members and friends with extreme food sensitivities and a multitude of diseases unfortunately. Food is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. Other worthy components are exercise, sleep, our minds, the gut, and how to apply these components to our lives in a common sense way.

I research and investigate areas of health and please feel comfortable to ask me anything. Feel free to email me with your investigative query. I’m not a professional medical anybody, bit I will do my best to at least get you started. Receiving encouragement from other like-minded individuals deepens the conversation in our communities, which in turn pays it forward. Our health matters. Food matters. Each choice – each bite matters!

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